Free Self-Guided Art Gallery Tours in Downtown Penticton.

Did you know? Penticton is home to 13 art galleries, all within easy walking distance. This is a free, and family friendly activity that you can enjoy on a quiet day or rainy afternoon. Why not grab a map from one of the galleries and start your own art adventure.

Where to find the Best Artist Galleries and Studios in Penticton, BC

Your self-guided tour starts at the Bench, on Vancouver Hill. Then to the Penticton Art Gallery and Japanese gardens. Walk through the down town and finish at the Saint Germain Cafe and Gallery, where you can enjoy a coffee or treat to celebrate the end of your walk.

Start the Penticton Self-Guided Art Tour

1. The Bench Market – Cafe and Gallery

Start the walk with a cup of coffee, or a meal made from local produce. The walls have a changing show with different artists featured each month. Feast your eyes and your senses too. The Bench Market
368 Vancouver Avenue, Penticton.

2. Cormier Art Studio

(Open Seasonally – 12 to 5pm). An art studio based in Penticton, showcasing the works of creative couple Kena and Lawrence Cormier. Lawrence is a sculptor who’s medium of choice is steel. Kena is a painter creating acrylic mixed media wall art. Plus checkout the bright and colourful fused glass sculptures.
495 Vancouver Avenue, Penticton.

3. The Penticton Art Gallery & Japanese Gardens

The Penticton Art Gallery presents both contemporary and historic artists, with regularly changing displays. Check the website to see what is currently showing in the gallery space. Penticton Art Gallery
199 Marina Way, Penticton.

4. Art Up – Artist Studio and Gallery (*Open to the Public on Saturdays*)

Shared Studio space for artists. Doors are open to the public on Saturdays, during the Farmer’s Market. Explore inside the working studios, talk to the artists and experience the creative atmosphere. This new artist space is just across from the Penticton Art Gallery, and a short walk from the downtown Penticton Farmer’s market.

5. The Front Street Gallery

A group of seven artists who share a small space and take turns running the Gallery during its opening hours. They are located beside Lloyd Gallery, and are also open on Saturday morning markets in the warm months during the Penticton Farmer’s Markets. Front Street Art Gallery
199 Marina Way, Penticton.

6. The Lloyd Gallery

Serving the Community for more than 30 years, the Gallery is based in the “Empress Theatre”. Walls are covered in paintings, from floor to ceiling. Lloyd Gallery
18 Front St, Penticton.

7. Picture This!

Featuring the art of seven local artists. Framing services are also available. Picture This!
133 Westminster Avenue, Penticton

8. The Matheson and Grove Fine Art Gallery

With a selection of Art and Studio spaces, plus live music. See the work of artist and sculptor Kindrie Grove, plus art from co-founder Dawn Renee Matheson, who spent years in Mexico soaking up the Aztec culture. Matheson & Grove Fine Art
205 Martin Street, Penticton

9. Mondo Creation – “Art Incubator”

Art Space designed to support new and emerging artists. Mondo Creation hosts Artist openings and receptions, and art lessons too. They have a selection of locally made are and crafts.Mondo Creation Art Incubator
221 Main Street, Penticton

10. Rasha Art (Opposite Mondo Creation)

Take a peek in this newly opened Gallery. Rasha has been practicing the art of tattoo for almost 20 years. His practice has expanded to include painting, wood burning and glass etching
218 Main Street, Penticton (opposite Mondo Creation).

11. The BeeLong Gallery + Studios

A contemporary art gallery owned by Carla O’Bee and Jenny Long. The space is also the home of 5 Resident Artist Studios, as well as a Makers Shop featuring handcrafted Canadian goods. BeeLong Gallery
374 Main Street, Penticton

11b. The CoWork Mural – at 29 Nanaimo Ave West, Penticton.

Painted by artist Skyler Punnet. Inside is a Coworking space with artist studios. It is open to the public on Friday’s from 4pm (for beer o’clock – a treasured Australian tradition). This is not a typical gallery, but you you can admire from afar! Cowork Penticton.

12. Tumbleweed Gallery

An Artist Collective with 7 member artists. We host two new shows each year. See the work of Jessie Dunlop, Jolene Mackie, Vikki Drummond, Carol Munro, Kirsten Robertson, Liz Marshal and Lyse Deselliers. Tumbleweed Gallery
452 Main Street, Penticton.

13. St. Germain – Cafe and Gallery

A gallery space, with a cafe too. This is a wonderful place to sit and eat lunch, or sip on a relaxing cup of tea or coffee.
St. Germain Cafe and Gallery
449 Main Street, Penticton

And if you are feeling adventurous…

14. The Shatford Centre (760 Main Street Penticton)

A large red brick building beside the high school. This is home to the Okanagan School of the Arts. Don’t let the doors put you off, come inside and explore the art displayed on the ground floor. Hidden downstairs in the basement levels is Maker Space, a room for pottery, printmaking and carpentry. (If you are lucky you may persuade some one to show you down here too!) The Shatford Centre & Okanagan School of the Arts

15. The Penticton Museum

You may want to expand your definition of art, to include all of the beautiful and intriguing artifacts that are on display. Plus admission is free! and the museum is just across the road from the Shatford Center.  Visit the Penticton Museum

A Short Drive Away

16. The Leir House and Cultural Centre – Home of the Penticton Potters Guild, The Academy of Music and the Penticton Arts Council too. This space has working artist studios and a gallery space too. This space is a little off the walking tour, but is a short drive away.

17. Nest and Nectar – A Restaurant that has a regularly changing art show on its walls, and is the home of the Many Hats Theater. This space is a little off the walking tour, but is a short drive away.

The benefits of an Art Gallery Tour

  • This is a free activity that can be enjoyed in any weather – even in winter, or on a rainy autumn day.
  • You can help to support Penticton’s growing art scene.
  • Meet emerging artists and feedback on their art.
  • See a unique part of Canadian culture.

Other Free Activities to Enjoy while visiting Penticton

  • Walk the Kettle Valley Rail Trail
  • Visit the Naramata Water Falls.
  • Hang out at the Beach.
  • Float down the Penticton Channel.
  • Tour the Saturday Farmer’s Markets