Tumbleweed Gallery – Penticton BC

Dunlop’s work is featured at the Tumbleweed Gallery, in Penticton BC. Come and see the latest artworks for yourself. About the Tumbleweed Art Gallery. The Tumbleweed is an artist run gallery. The gallery features unusual and inspiring works of art from local artists. The gallery also offers framing services and advice, to ensure that your Read more about Tumbleweed Gallery – Penticton BC[…]

An Interview with the Artist

Click to watch an interview with the artist, as she talks about her work. Jessie Dunlop (b.1988) is a visual artist, with a background in archaeology and museums. Dunlop’s work has been described as “otherworldly” and is peopled by characters and strange landscapes, drawn from her imagination. Originally from England, she now calls Penticton ( Read more about An Interview with the Artist[…]

Portraits of Imaginary Friends

Event: Portraits of Imaginary Friends Location: St. Germain Cafe and Gallery, Penticton Dates: April 7th to May 16th 2016 Details: Imaginary Friends of artists from the South Okanagan, and Vancouver. Artists: Kristian Adam, Megan Majewski, Rebekah Plett, Tasha Zimich, Jan Little, Jenny Long, Sarah Fahey, Julia Iredale, Jessie Dunlop, Flavia, Andrea Hooge


Event: Traction Art Exhibit Location: Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton Dates: November 19th 2015 to June 20th 2016 Details: New works of art from the 8 artists of the Tumbleweed Gallery Collective. Artists: Jill Leir Salter, Liz Marshall, Susan McCarrell, W.L. Hibberd, Jenny Long, Kirsten Lee, Jessie Dunlop.

Eight Vs 200

Event: Eight Versus 200 Art Exhibit at the St. Germain Cafe and Gallery, Penticton. Dates: November 19th 2015 to January 6th 2016 Details: Artwork from a selection of local artists, all priced at $200. Artists: Jessie Dunlop, Bethany Handfield, Kristine Lee, Jan Little, Jenny Long, Liz Marshall, Carol Munro, Heather Yip.