Portraits of Imaginary Friends

Event: Portraits of Imaginary Friends Location: St. Germain Cafe and Gallery, Penticton Dates: April 7th to May 16th 2016 Details: Imaginary Friends of artists from the South Okanagan, and Vancouver. Artists: Kristian Adam, Megan Majewski, Rebekah Plett, Tasha Zimich, Jan Little, Jenny Long, Sarah Fahey, Julia Iredale, Jessie Dunlop, Flavia, Andrea Hooge


Event: Traction Art Exhibit Location: Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton Dates: November 19th 2015 to June 20th 2016 Details: New works of art from the 8 artists of the Tumbleweed Gallery Collective. Artists: Jill Leir Salter, Liz Marshall, Susan McCarrell, W.L. Hibberd, Jenny Long, Kirsten Lee, Jessie Dunlop.

Eight Vs 200

Event: Eight Versus 200 Art Exhibit at the St. Germain Cafe and Gallery, Penticton. Dates: November 19th 2015 to January 6th 2016 Details: Artwork from a selection of local artists, all priced at $200. Artists: Jessie Dunlop, Bethany Handfield, Kristine Lee, Jan Little, Jenny Long, Liz Marshall, Carol Munro, Heather Yip.