January 5, 2015


Painted for Blossom – the newest opening at the Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton. From June 20th to Nov 20th 2019.

10×10 Oil on Canvas.
Price $225
Juniper – A shrub with juicy blue berries.

Why Chickens?

When first asked to paint a chicken, my reaction was “hell no. I don’t paint birds”.After some thought, I decided okay, I can do ONE chicken. They have character. There are chickens in the Canterbury Tales after all, and I used to love collecting eggs from the hens on my grandparents farm.

When the first painting of a hen and chick was underway, I realized that, actually, chickens are pretty awesome. They look like little dinosaurs, with their jerky little movements, and beady little eyes. And the series grew from there.

But what do chickens have to do with blossoms?

The truth is, not a lot. But think if chickens could name themselves (and maybe they do?) they would choose words from nature. These chickens are surrounded by flowers, and their names have followed suite.

16 x 16 Oil on Canvas .
Price $425
Petunia – this is a small trumpet shaped flower, with a gentle lilting name.
10×10 Oil on Canvas.
Price $225
Myrtle – small purple flower with five wedge shaped petals.
Hen and Red Barn – A Study with the colour red
Size 10×10″ oil on canvas. (Now in a private collection)
Hyacinth – highly fragrant with bell-shaped flowers.
Stonemint & Sage.
30×30″ Oil on Canvas. Price $600.
Stonemint – a wildflower with rose purple petals, in dense clusters.
Sage – perennial with grey-green leaves, and blue flowers.

Artistic Practice – 2018 and 2019.

The last year has marked a big change in my practice, as I had my daughter Sabrina and spent a year at home caring for her. Painting time was harder to come by, but we made it work. Some sessions I held the sleeping baby and painted with one free hand. Other sessions I could paint with the baby nearby, while her grandmother kept watch. I am back to work now, but will remember this year fondly.

Watercolours from the Spring 2018 show at the Tumbleweed Gallery.

Petite Watercolour Paintings.

Sizes: 5″x7 – Price: $75 each (postage included!).

Several of these miniature watercolour paintings are available for purchase (plus new ones that have been painted in the meantime!)

I am happy to arrange a viewing, so we can meet and see which pieces speak to you. Commissions are accepted if you have a particular idea in mind. Contact the Artist today

Art on Canvas (Oils & Acrylics)

Shadow Monster (2018) – A little girl perches on the edge of a dock. A creature sits patiently behind, keeping watch. This is part of the “Imaginary Friends” series. There are more pieces with this collection on display at the gallery. If you look closely, you can find this theme in an earlier piece below.

Shadow Monster by Jessie Dunlop (Part of the Imaginary Friends Series).

Size – 10″ x 10″
Medium – Acrylic on canvas
Price – $300
See it for yourself – This work is on display at the Tumbleweed Gallery, Penticton.

Dancing with Wolves in the Snow

Size – 10″ x 10″
Medium – Acrylic on birch wood panel.
Price – $300
Location for viewing – This work is in the artist’s studio, contact to arrange a visit.

Dancing in the Garden After Midnight

Size – 10″ x 10″
Medium – Acrylic on birch wood panel
Price – $300
Location for viewing – This work is in the artist’s studio. Contact to arrange a visit.

A Garden lit up by Fireflies

Size – 8″ x 8″
Medium – Oil on Canvas
Price – $200
Location for viewing – This work is in the artist’s studio. Contact to arrange a visit.

Goldilocks (2017)

Fox with Lace (2017)

Feeling Foxy (2017)

Stag with Ghostly Woman (2017)

Artwork - Forgotten Blue - Jessie Dunlop - Penticton

Title: Standing in the Forgotten Blue

Medium: Pencil and Ink on Birch Wood Cradle

Size: 12″x12″ (x 1.5)

bears with overcast sky_art_jessie dunlop 2016

Bears Mourning the Loss of a Dear Friend

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24″ x 30″

Art - Girl with fox - jessie dunlop -2016

Girl with Fox

(Alternative Title: Girl with her brother, the prince)

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 16″x16″

Price: $300


Adventures in the Garden at Night

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 24″x 30″

(This piece was painted for “Portraits of Imaginary Friends” at St. Germain, Cafe and Gallery, Penticton BC).


A Happy Little Buffalo

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 30″ x 30″

Details: This little buffalo was painted for Amanda Burnett, as a special commission for her new home.

Quiet-Solitude - Jessie Dunlop - Art - Intimate Dream Collective - Leir House Penticton 2016 (1)

Quiet Solitude

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 8×8″

Details: This small piece was painted fora Collective Art Show at Leir House, Penticton (February 2016).

Self Portrait - Jessie Dunlop
Self Portrait – Acrylic paint on a 12″x12″ birch wood panel.